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"Get a career you love, not a job you hate. Further your career in 30 days."

  • Crush job interviews

  • Obtain astounding offers

  • Replace imposter syndrome with confidence

  • Rise to new heights in your career

Do you feel stuck in your career?

I started my career in banking as a teller. After 4 years bouncing from one role to the next, I found myself completely lost...

I had no idea where my future should go.

  • What direction should my career go in?

  • How do I even get there?

  • Where do I find purpose?

  • Am I doing the right thing?

  • How do I become successful?

I had so many questions. So much doubt and uncertainty. I was ready to quit...

One conversation changed my life.

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I met a mentor that changed my life. He saw something inside me that I couldn't see myself.He saw my passion for Technology. Because of him, I applied for an entry-level IT position at my bank.

Person climbing ladder

That launched an incredible 10-year journey full of promotions, raises, and purpose. I'm now a Senior leader that's seen 1,000s of resumes, hired 100s of employees, and led dozens of people.

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My passion is to be that person for you.

Here's what clients say after working with me



"Anthony has been there as a mentor to provide feedback for different challenges.He's also been there as a leader and has guided me to finding the next steps in my career.10/10 would recommend Anthony for any career challenge."



"Anthony helped me to understand the skills that I could improve on to help advance my career.After improving these skills, I was much more confident, enjoyed my work more, and was set up for success going forward."



“I highly recommend Anthony as a point of reflection on your journey of self-improvement.Throughout the progression of my career, he's been helpful when it comes to building confidence.”



I've had the opportunity to work with several amazing leaders throughout my career.None have left as much of a lasting impact as Anthony.I can safely say that I would not be at the point of my career that I'm in now without his prior leadership."

What working with me looks like

Person confused

"I was a top performer, but lacked industry experience with no college degree.I was REFUSED promotions.Anthony personally guided me step-by-step to the skills I needed.Now I have a six-figure income at Amazon."

"I was drowning in a new management role. I thought I had no other options to advance my career.Anthony showed me a better path. He saw where my true strengths laid.I doubled my income pursuing work I was more passionate about."

Person with anxiety
Person with uncertainty

"I was stuck.I crushed every goal I had. Every challenge in front of me was conquered.With Anthony's mentorship, he saw what I was missing - PASSION for my work.Now, I wake up every morning excited! I love my career again."


I want to make sure you get what you need. Choose what package below will help you with what's missing the most in your career.

Resume Service


Choose this if you know what you want.

  • Submit your resume for review

  • 30-minute call to align your goals with your experience

  • Keyword optimized so your resume always gets viewed by employers

  • Crafted to impress any hiring manager



Choose this if you DON'T know what you want.

  • Everything in the Resume Services offer, plus -

  • One-on-one guidance on the biggest challenges in front of you

  • Access to my personal email for 30 days where I will guide you (response no later than 48 hours)



Choose this if you don't know how to get there.

  • Everthing in Protege, plus -

  • Direct mentorship to advance your career faster

  • Weekly 1-hour Zoom tackling your challenges

  • Access to direct & immediate communication with me via Discord, Slack, or your preferred tool

  • Guaranteed to land you a job in 60 days, or I work with you for free until you do.


Why do I need to book a call?

It’s important to me that I understand your goals. Your career and your experience are invaluable.It’s hard putting years of hard work on a piece of paper.In the call, we’ll walk through your resume and get it ready for you to interview.

What will you do for me?

We meet to talk about your next career step. We tailor your resume to your goals.My clients walk away with the exact resumes I wish would come across my desk.

What's your experience hiring?

I have 5 years’ experience hiring employees. I've seen 1,000s of resumes & hired 100s of employees.In 60 seconds, I know if your resume is worthy of an interview.

What if this doesn't work out?

Nothing matters more to me than you getting value.If you get nothing of value within 30 days working with me, I'll refund you.No questions asked.

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